Friday, May 10, 2013

Arrived in Seoul

As I write, I am 11 hours ahead of my family - 11:35 a.m Saturday morning.  I arrived yesterday late afternoon, found a hotel about 10 minutes away - June Hotel (yes, they were open a month early :)) - and had a relatively good night sleep.  I am presently back at the airport, sitting in the basement at the Starbucks and have just finished speaking with my family - nothing like Blackberry Video!!  As we were catching up, I was able to follow (live) the Leaf's game and because I am actually talking about it, the results were favourable. One of the interesting things about the Inchen airport is Dunk'n Donuts gets main floor while Starbucks lands in the basement.  I guess that counts as fighting the establishment, putting "Four-Bucks" in their place, etc, etc.

Today I am able to work on some of the course work for Mongolia and then hopefully this afternoon find a quiet place and a few seats placed together for a nap.  Lord willing, I will fly out tonight for UB, landing sometime after 10:00.  I thank you for your prayers for my travel, my family and the leaders in Mongolia.

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