Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Countryside

Some people ask me if I like to ride rollercoasters and I say no.  When asked why, I used to answer because I am a chicken and I don't like what they do to my heart.  I think I am now going to answer because they are no longer a thrill - I have had the ultimate ride - flying from UB to Bayankhongor on a windy day.  Wow! The plane was about hour and a half late in taking off because of windy conditions.  However, once ready and cleared to fly, we were loaded on a bus which took us to the plane.  We then climbed into the plane and within 5 minutes, we are moving.  Seriously.  The guy explaining the seat belt-what to do if you crash speech was being bounced around as the pilot whipped down the runway at a very fast clip. The pilot took the corner on two wheels (so it seemed - he did not slow down very much at all!) and we are up in the air - bouncy,ducking, sinking.  Man, I felt sick. This is when you just put your head back and try to focus on not having to reach for that bag.

After a while we found some settled air and we were given a quick lunch.  Then the pilot started the descent - again, we were bounced around like a ball at my son's basketball games.  Somehow, we land rather smoothly and after thanking the Lord for safety, tried to find a way to stand.

So yeah, rollercoasters - so yesterday.  So calm.  Like a picnic on a calm night compared to an hour and fifty minute flight on a windy day in Mongolia.

After being driven to the church and eating a small lunch (for obvious reasons), I began to teach - 2 until 6.  The emphasis was how to view the Old Testament through New Testament eyes. We looked at some Biblical Theology and how redemptive history moves progressively forward toward Jesus who fulfils the Old Testament. When I asked them if they wanted to learn about typology, Jeff  who understands english, laughed - but we made it through, talking about shadows in the Old Testament and the reality in found in Jesus.

Today we looked at Genesis 1-2 and talked about creation, sovereignty, marriage, singles, human freedom - among many other subjects.

I was thankful to talk to my family today as yesterday the internet was down.  In all of the events, God has been gracious to as I hear of the challenges of the Mongolian church, but also the many, many blessings.  God is also raising up a faithful group of leaders who desire to learn God's Word, experience His presence and faithfully serve Him and His people.

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