Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mongolian Landscape

It was interesting hearing one of the students thoughts as we were discussing the glory of God in Exodus 34 and how he maintains faithful love to a thousand generations and the consequences of their father's wrongdoing to the third and fourth generation.  This student mentioned they have been under a curse and now they are finally under the blessing - meaning that for many years, the gospel was not part of the Mongolian landscape.  There is a profound thankfulness from the students that the gospel has come and now their prayer is for the spread of God's glory through His grace.  That is part of the eagerness of the students to learn, as we speak about the storyline of Scripture, grace, forgiveness, guilt, repentance, sacrifice - all finding their way to Christ.

The long week is beginning to show on the students.  After lunch is really the toughest part of the day and so we maybe make it through 40-45 minutes and then we go for another break.  We have two more days of teaching and during that time, they will write two tests.

One of the other things that is happening this year is some of the students are coming forward and sharing some of their stories - mostly of brokenness and hurt. It is a reminder that the church leaders are not immune to discouragements, disappointments and hurts as they serve God and His people.  It is good to speak to them (via translator) and seek to encourage them in Christ.

God is gracious to the country of Mongolia - I trust He will continue to show His goodness, His Son, to the people.

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