Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End of Two Courses

Today was the last day of teaching.  We wrapped up OT Survey in the New Testament showing how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament types and shadows - He is the new Israel, the new temple, etc.  We also talked about a robust gospel, that is Jesus saves us not only from our sins but to a new life.  We are filled with the Spirit, enabled to live out the life we receive by His grace.

The students also wrote two tests, Genesis yesterday and Old Testament Survey this morning.  Gaining a certificate is very important for these church leaders - they are very eager!  As I met with the main leaders over dinner tonight, they spoke about how thankful they are to have theological education in BHG.  It does not work for students to go into UB, as it is too expensive and they cannot be away from their churches or families for a long period of time.  To have theological education brought to them is a gift, they said. They are also thankful because it fits into their overall vision.  They are focusing on discipleship training but see theological education as vital so they have leaders who can build up disciples.  The leaders wanted me to thank Grace Bible Church for their support, prayers and efforts to build up the church in BHG.

The translator and I will fly out tomorrow just after 12 noon and then I will catch a flight from UB to Korea around 12 midnight, landing after 3:00 a.m.  If all goes well, I will fly out later in the afternoon and after a short stop in Vancouver will land in Toronto Saturday night.

One person told me they knew that the Bible was about Jesus but did not know how.  In going through the two sessions, they had a better understanding how the Bible fits together and how to speak about Jesus from the Old Testament. For the students to begin to grasp "how" Jesus is the centre of Scripture makes the trip very worthwhile!

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