Friday, May 17, 2013

Working Our Way Through Genesis

It continues to be very windy here in Bayankhongor and because of the dry, sandy ground, it is also very dusty.  There are times when you look out the window and the dust is swirling in large patches.  One gets a sense of what a really strong wind storm may be like.

We continue to work our way through the book of Genesis.  We spent a fair bit of time working through Genesis 1-3 and the life of Abraham.  In travelling through the material, I have tried to press home are first of all the big story line of the Bible - it is not only the story of Adam or Abraham but also the story of redemption and how that impacts our teaching.  I also want to help them understand how they could preach from Genesis and Old Testament passages.  I asked them if they could/would preach a sermon from Genesis 13 and I got a non-committal stare.  So we worked through the passage, studied, prepared a theme and points and talked about how to preach the text in the context.  We saw how Abram learned to trust God in the midst of conflict (theme) and how he learned through 1. Worship 2. Growing in trust and 3. Growing in maturity.  We saw how Lot moved closer to Sodom while Abram moved closer to the place where he built an altar.  It was encouraging to see how they began to understand that you can indeed preach from Genesis and communicate and apply encouraging gospel truth.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we will conclude with the life of Joseph followed by a test.  Most days we have begun at 9:00 and worked through until 5:30 or 6:00 so they have been long days, especially for the students.  I think tomorrow we may end a little earlier and given them some rest.  I will also have the opportunity to preach on Sunday and look forward to worshipping with God's people.

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