Friday, May 24, 2013

Yes, Another Great Ride

I just have to say that was quite a ride!  Seriously.  It began as a windy day in BHG and by the time we boarded the plane and left the runway, the wind did not die down at all.  Our ascent was bumpy and as we levelled out, the ride became calm enough to serve lunch.  After about an hour in the air, we began the landing - a very steep decline and a very tight turn.  By the time we made the turn, I was looking level at a hill/mountain - and the nose of the airplane was still pointing down.  It wasn't until we reached just above the runway that the nose of the plane lifted and we levelled out, the pilot having executed a perfect landing.  The translator and I just looked at each other, thankful the wheels touched first!  This was the same pilot we had going into BHG and he did not fail to disappoint.

After we landed, I headed into UB and I was able to meet the translator's husband and three children.  They invited me  to their place for some chicken soup.  They shared with me some of the work God has done in their lives, as well as the churches in UB.  It was once again encouraging to hear how God is working, despite many challenges.  One story they shared is when a couple is seeking a divorce, they need a three month cooling off period.  After that, they have the opportunity to pursue reconciliation and often with a Christian counsellor - in Mongolia!  So they are encouraged to see how the Lord is moving and Mongolia is opening up to the gospel.

I am presently at the airport in UB, having gone through customs, etc.  The flight is to leave around midnight and land close to 4:00 a.m.  I am thankful for this as it will begin to set my clock back to Canada time.

The Lord has once again been gracious as I have had an opportunity to share God's Word with church leaders.  But it is more than that as my heart has been encouraged by how the gospel continues to spread throughout the nations and how the leaders desire to fill not only their heads but also their hearts with God's Word..  After these few weeks, I can say again - our God is a big God!

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