Friday, June 01, 2012

Arrived Home

Thinking back through the last week, I was thankful for the opportunity to visit our friend and seeing first hand her living environment. When I was picked up from the airport, she starting speaking in one language to the taxi driver. This is different than asking someone to say a few phrases in a language - this was taxi driver language! And then watching in the market as we went from booth to booth, carpet lady to embroidery lady to computer guy to everything lady, not only speaking a different language but interacting in meaningful relationships. One of the remarkable moments was to watch others as this Canadian spoke their language - a key to being in their culture.

The plane landed early this morning after (yes) another flight delay. I do thank the Lord for safety and meeting up with my family early this morning. I also look forward to being with GBC this Sunday and sometime soon sharing in greater detail my experiences and pictures - I have a video of Karen speaking with the "english professor" at the corner market (not to be missed!)

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