Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Tired Day

Well, this was day five of teaching and a Saturday on top of it all. After finishing up a few matters from the first course, we began the preaching course. After lunch, the group was looking rather tired and after about an hour I saw more than a few heads land on the table. I thought either I am boring or they are tired - I went for option two and called an early break. After en extended break, we continued but the eye lids kept dropping so we called it an early day, stopping at 4:00.

Tonight I was able to take Jeff, Shauna and their daughter Kaylee out for a meal (they are the family that is hosting me and have been very kind, hospitable and helpful). We went to a restaurant called the Byanburd, and Shauna and I had some amazing chicken - the first time since leaving Canada. Jeff had this bowl of rice, some cucumbers and other various matters at the bottom.

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to preach at the "ger" church in BKH and afterwards meet with the leaders. We are also going to have a lunch with something boiled in milk - I forget exactly how Jeff explained it but I do remember him say, "oh, you have never had it - you are in for a treat." I will definitely keep you posted!

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