Monday, May 17, 2010

Goat's Meat and Preaching

On Sunday I was able to preach at the "ger" church in town and then have a lunch with the leaders. The lunch was a real Mongolian BBQ where they cut up goats meat and through it in a boiling pot of water with potatoes and spices. Because of the hard winter, goats meat is at a premium so the goat we got was probably fairly old, if toughness of meat says anything. I had one tender piece and it was delicious. All you need to do is pick it up with your hands, make sure the goats hair is off (our goat had lack hair and plenty of it!)tear it with your teeth and and chew! A great meal all in all. The church service was exciting - I am always thankful to experience church in Mongolia - reminds me of how the gospel is going throughout the world!

Today was a good day of teaching, working through how to practically put a sermon together, starting with choosing a text to getting the theme of the passage. The students have been very eager to learn, many of them being called to preach but no practical training at all!

I have added some pictures (which I think are at the top - still figuring this thing out!). Jeff took some pictures of teaching the students. Please do continue to pray as we have two more days of "putting together sermons".

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