Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday In Mongolia

It was another beautiful day in Mongolia. The sun is warm with a cool breeze, the Mongolians enjoying the first signs of spring. Jeff and I traveled to the church where we are doing the teaching and from 9-5 we are together learning God's Word. For many of the students, this is the first time they are hearing from Scripture an explanation of the Trinity, God's sovereignty in salvation, special revelation and other teachings from Scripture. So they are thankful for the opportunity to train and hear the teaching of God's Word. It is amazing to see their enthusiasm and patience as they sit for a very long day.

After teaching, Jeff took me to the large hill in the middle of the city. I was able to see the mountains surrounding the city, the mountains further back still having snow on the tops. The city of BKH is large, filled with gers surrounded by fences in a neat, orderly fashion. While we were up on the large hill, a group of 10-15 grade 5 boys and girls began to talk with us and wanted us to take their pictures. And that is how it began - we would take some pictures and they would look at themselves, then they wanted to take pictures and look at them and then they wanted to run with my camera down the hill to take pictures of their friends... and look at them. It was amazing to see their joy and their laughter at the "tourist". We finally recouped our cameras and drove down the hill, with one guy hanging on the back tire for about 10-20 feet.

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