Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday in Mongolia

Well, I finally landed in Mongolia at 6:15 this morning to a bright, sunny and rather chilly morning.

I am thankful to be hear because if I took my usual route, it would have been much more than a 9 hour delay. During my last three trips into Mongolia I have flown with Korean Air from Korea to Mongolia. This time was different as I was booked to fly with Miat, the Mongolian airline. This was considerably more inconvenient as I had to go through customs, collect my luggage and re-enter rather than just do a transfer as I had done my previous times. But the Lord was gracious because while Miat flew out 9 hours late, the next Korean Air flight landing in Mongolia would not be until Monday night! If I was on that flight, I would have missed my flight to BKH tomorrow morning at 6:15 a.m. and probably would have had to take a 12 hour van ride, not arriving until Wednesday. So I am thankful to God for His provisions and feel a little rebuked for the earlier grumbling about the inconvenience.

Presently I am staying in an apartment with a couple who have been very kind to me. We went to church after I slept for 3 hours and spent an enjoyable afternoon getting to know one another and more about the ministry in Mongolia. I also talked to Jeff from BKH and he has said everything is ready for the conference and the leaders are looking forward to the time. I continue to pray for God's good grace to shine.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more news from you about the conferences. God Bless.

Gord & Ellen