Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And They Caught On!

Today we worked a lot on developing a theme and main points of the message. We first worked on 2 Corinthians 4.12-16 and after they spent some in time class working on it, we discussed their work. At that point, it was a little discouraging because they seemed to miss what was being taught. So we worked through that example and tried again, this time with James 1.2-4. They spent around half and hour studying and putting together a theme and outline. When we discussed the theme, almost all of them that spoke had a similar theme (complete in a sentence and not only stating the truth but making it interesting for the people) and relevant points. It was really exciting seeing them grasp putting together a sermon.

The Lord has been really gracious in the two courses taught this time. Systematics gave them some basic truths of Scripture they had never been taught and Preaching has given them tools to bring God's Word to the people. They have been very attentive and as the week has gone by, have asked more questions. They also sit on very thin benches with no backs for about 8 hours - and they are soaking in the teaching (except when some get really tired and I see heads dropping on the desks ;)).

After class, Jeff, my translator and myself met with the 2 leaders of the church of BKH. The one leader served us supper at his house and we had an extremely positive and productive meeting. They are thankful for the teaching and so thankful that their church leaders are being taught God's Word. There is no one else offering this type of teaching in this area (the leaders are unable to go to the city for training) and they are so thankful someone would come all the way into the countryside to minister to them. It speaks a lot to them that we went out to them.

So I am so thankful for Grace Bible Church and their gift to the ministry, the leaders and the people of Mongolia. I wish you could have sat with me during the visit to hear their appreciation for the service to the people of Mongolia. So I thank the Lord for Grace Bible Church who serves a people they have never seen but Lord willing will, one day in glory!!

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