Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sitting In Seoul

Well, it is 9:28 a.m. Cambridge time and 10:28 p.m. Seoul time on a Saturday night and I am still sitting in the airport in Korea. Apparently there was a lot of sand flying around Mongolia today so instead of a 6:00 departure, it will take place at 3:30 this morning.

God has been gracious in terms of travelling mercies. I am still absolutely amazed at how such a large plane carrying everyone's kitchen sink can stay in the air for so long. I do look forward to arriving in Mongolia and meeting up with the family I will be staying with for the night. They will then drop me off Monday morning and I will fly to Outer Mongolia, hopefully meeting with the pastors, Lord willing.

I could write more but I am not sure you want me to regale you with stories about how tough it is to chose between Robins Donuts and Bean and Tea place. It just may not capture the imagination of the masses. Anyway, I do appreciate your prayers for my safety and for the Mongolian people - I have had some time to focus on/pray about the opportunities of teaching and ministering to these men. I do pray, as we read in John 15, for abiding fruit that will build up God's people and spread God's glory.

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