Friday, May 14, 2010

Camel Time on Mongolia!!

Today was another busy day of teaching and this time with lots of discussion from the students. We looked at perseverance of the people of God, the church, baptism, Lord's Supper and church discipline - each carrying a lot of practical discussion on how to apply God's Word in their various churches. Does baptism save? What if you do not have enough water in the Gobi Desert to immerse? What do you do if someone is caught in sin but is repentant? It is always encouraging to hear their questions as it lets me know what they are thinking and what the church is struggling with in their ministries.

After the teaching, Jeff took me out into the countryside with a few others and we had the opportunity to ride a camel. Mongolian camels have two humps and because it was such a harsh winter, one of the humps on the camel was "limpy" (you will see the "limpy" humps in some of the Mongolian art work). It was a great experience and as I rode I looked out over the Northern Gobi thanking the Lord for the beauty of His creation and the opportunity to be sharing God' Word. I will say the dismount from a camel can be a little awkward - front knees first and then settling down on his hind legs. Every time the camel had to bend, he would let out this groan as if to say, "Oh man, not again."

It was a good day and I look forward to the opportunity to begin to teach homiletics tomorrow for four days. Sunday I am preaching in the large "ger" church in town, looking forward to worshiping with them. Now, as you are in the middle of your day, I think I will head to bed!

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