Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mongolian Grill

Today was the final day of teaching. I taught for a while this morning and then the students wrote the two tests. Following the tests, the Mongolian Grill was lit! Actually , it is an authentic Mongolian BBQ with potatoes (yes, excited!), some vegetables (excitement waning) and the guest of honour - a goat. While we were waiting the students very graciously gave me a very kind gift. I was very grateful for their kindness.

Then after another small wait, we all sat down to eat. What takes place is you get a bowl of meat and then go for it! You hold it with both hands and start gnawing, ripping and biting - fat and all. It is essentially free for all when the bowl of meat is handed to you. There were also other luxuries such as pickles, watermelon, oranges and ketchup (apparently, goat and smushed tomatoes go well together - although I just stuck with plain goat). I ate my share of fat but I handed over a thick slab to the gentleman in front of me - he eagerly accepted with a smile. There was a communal jack knife which helped carve some of the areas close to the bone.

God has been very gracious this trip. Jeff asked one of the pastors in front of him what he thought of the opportunity to study and he was enthusiastic: "I needed this, not so much for the people but to help lay a foundation in my own life." I was very thankful to hear this from the elderly man who spent most of the time at the front desk with one hand firmly planted on the side of his head. I had wondered how he was receiving the teaching - I guess one never knows.

Tomorrow morning, we will be leaving in a jeep or land rover for the 12 hour trip to UB. Along the way, we will be stopping at someone's house so the church leaders can pray for a man and his house.

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