Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Day of Teaching

This is a picture of the provincial government building outside off my hotel room.

Tsegmed leading a time of worship.

Today was a very cold and windy day. As I was teaching, I would look out the window and see the sand and dirt blowing quickly by. One can imagine being out in the wide open space herding their animals and the wind whipping around.

During our time together we looked at Biblical Counselling. We began by looking at the importance of convictions - God's power, the depth of sin, amazing grace, the authority of Scripture. Then we looked at the big picture of what one seeks to accomplish during counselling. We are presently working our way through some practical steps of what to do when someone seeks counsel.

Hopefully today we will finish the counselling in the morning and then I want to spend the final afternoon looking at a few passages that will Lord willing encourage their hearts. Many come from difficult backgrounds and face a number of discouragements and challenges personally and in ministry. So I am praying the Spirit would bring encouragement to their hearts.

Tomorrow we will finish pre-marital counselling followed by a test. In the afternoon, we will be having a "picnic" with either a roasted goat or sheep - we will see. Then on Thursday I will head back to UB, leaving for the 12 hour journey at 5:00 a.m. Please pray that I will be able to leave Friday morning out of UB to Beijing as my connection later in the day is fairly tight.

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