Thursday, May 28, 2009

Returning Home

Today was the last day of class. The students wrote their final test on Homiletics III after another week of studying how to present God's Word. The last few days we focused on Christ Centered preaching in the flow of the text and context. It was interesting watching them write their final test as they were asked to write an outline and theme for a certain passage. I have not been able to read what they have written but it was good to see them putting what was learned into practice.

This evening at 5 we all met at a Mongolian Grill type restaurant to share a meal and also present a Carey School of Theology certificate to one student who completed all his tests. It was good to be able to thank the Lord for His labours and entrust him into God's care. Also, because of a kind donation, I was able to present the students with a Bible Dictionary - all were very excited!! None of them possessed a Bible Dictionary and all were extremely happy to receive them. One person said that they appreciated the gift very much as they could never afford this helpful tool in the study of God's Word. They also presented me with a traditional Mongolian "vest", a picture and a very warm pair of slippers.

It has been extremely encouraging this year as I feel I have connected much more with the students. I was able to go out for supper with a number of them as well as develop relationships with them during class time. While language is still a barrier, 3 years of coming to Mongolian have built solid relationships. I do wish I could bring my family and GBC to come and meet these men and women so they may see their passion for the Lord and their love for God and His people. I am thankful to my home church for allowing me to serve in Mongolia and look forward to telling them of the blessing they have been to the leaders and their churches.

I leave tonight at 12:20 in the morning and am waiting in my hotel room. Lord willing, I will land in Seoul at around 4:00 in the morning and then leave once again at 5:00 in the evening to arrive at 8:00 the same night in Toronto. While God has been gracious in Mongolia, I do look forward to returning to my family and church family.