Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picked up my first English newspaper in UB ...

... and read about what the students have been talking about all week - the Democrat Party defeated the Communist Party in the election held this past Sunday. There was some tension here as last year when the elections took place, there were riots and 5 people killed because it was claimed that the election results were rigged. This year, there was much more control over how the election took place and as a result, the Democratic Party now enters power.

Today in our class, we put together a sermon from Psalm 77, looking how God gives rest to His people as they continue to seek the Lord. In the afternoon, we looked at various passages which speak of how the Word and the Sprit work together and also the need for the Spirit's work in the pastor's life as he ministers. Please pray for the students as the end of two weeks is coming close and they are getting tired.

I remember my first hear here, I visited the countryside with Andrew and Liz and saw some people just spreading a blanket with food and relaxing. I asked Andrew why people do this and he mentioned how they love the fresh air. After being in the heart of the city for almost two weeks, I can understand the need for a picnic every once and a while. There is a row of trees with their spring flowers blooming and everytime I walk by on my way to and from our classes, I try to take in the smell with a deep, lingering sniff. However, all I get is more bus exhaust than flower. They do, however, look beautiful.

Well, two more classes, a meal tomorrow night with a pastor and his wife and then a meal with the class with graduation and I will, Lord willing, be headed to Seoul and then back to Canada. Please continue to pray that God's blessings would be on the students.