Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back in Mongolia

I am sitting in an internet cafe in Mongolia writing again on my blog - hard to believe. Leaving Friday morning I arrived in Ghingis Kahn Airport Sunday morning at 12:30 and the first question asked after making it through customs and luggage: Need a taxi? I declined, looking for Turuu my personal taxi. He was there and we headed to my apartment for the next 2 weeks. I arrived safe, half way around the world - our God is gracious.

Part of my flight took me into Vancouver, a place I had never been before. I sat in an aisle seat but I could see out of the plane's window a portion of the magnificent mountains and marvelled again at the majesty of God. I thought that is probably how I see God - just a porthole of his greatness. The mountains seemed so magnificent as they rose to the clouds lifting their hands in praise and I only saw a portion.

If you would pray - God would show more of His glory! We will be looking at how to prepare and preach God's Word to the people.

Please pray as the lessons in preaching begin tomorrow. Pray that the glory of God through His magnificent grace would compel his called pastors to preach the Word faithfully and with deep passion.

I thank you for your prayers - in weakness God has given strength.