Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few funny (or not so funny) things

Today I was asked for directions instead of asking for directions. Amazing - a guy approached me as I exited the internet cafe this morning and asked if I knew where the black market was located? He did speak English (obviously) but it struck me as odd that I was pointing down the street giving him the location. I thought afterwards I should have added "you can't miss it" as the cherry on top of that experience.

Under the funny but may not be so funny experience: I was walking back around 2:30 to my apartment on this relatively warm day (probably 20-25 degrees) when I spotted a lady carrying a garbage bag and picking up another one from the trunk. The trunk, on this hot day was filled with all types of meat - not thinking trunks are refrigerated. Anyway, one of the bags splits open causing a huge chunk of meat to fall splat on the pavement, intestines spilling out of the meat. Curious, I watched from a distance as to what you do in a situation like that - in case it ever happened to me, say. After laughing - maybe it was a nervous laugh or an "on-no" laugh", one is to pick up the meat as quickly as possible and carry it straight into the restaurant.

I made a mental note to self not to visit the restaurant in the near future.