Thursday, September 27, 2007

This One is for my Boys

Do you know how some things strike you as funny when they probably shouldn’t? Or there are maybe certain subjects that would be better left unsaid? Well, instead of following my gut on this one, I am going to write about it anyway. At the church, there are outhouses which as about 75 feet away from the building. The other day I went to visit and noticed that they were only a hole in the wood – no seat, just a large hole. There were spaces between the boards so if any broke, you would be in trouble. So why do I tell the story? Because this morning when I went to visit, I noticed that there was reading material. It just really struck me as funny.

Anyway … (I thought my boys would like the above paragraph so if it grosses you out, just skip it) … the day went well. Actually, I have to go back to the previous paragraph. I mentioned to Andrew and Liz the bathroom situation at the church the other day and they told a story of a foreigner (I forget what nationality but I am thankful to report it was not Canadian) who used similar outhouses. The Mongolians looked over and instead of seeing a closed door they saw feet sticking out the door. He had sat down on the floor. The Mongolians could not stop laughing as they saw his feet sticking out the door, knowing what he was doing.

OK, I promise I will move on.

The day did go well for the most part. The time after lunch can be a real struggle and I have noticed that as the week has gone on, the men seem to be getting more and more tired. From 2:40-4:00 we looked at Genesis 21 and we worked through how to put a sermon together from an historical book. We talked about finding joy in the Lord as Abraham and Sarah rejoiced in the birth of their son. It was all a good reminder that your joy does not depend on our circumstances but on God’s grace and promises. I try and end each day by saying: Our God is a good God – He is good. And He is good.


Blake Law said...

We used to call those toilets by their French name, "squaté"

Sonya & Josh said...

David.. You know you can always trust on me for a good newfie story with a bit of potty humour. When my uncle was a little boy they used to sometimes run around the "hole" while playing. One time doing so my Uncle Lyle fell down the toilet and my other Uncle who could not speak well as he was quite young went to advise that "lyle down the toilet". However, I don't think there was any reading material! :)


Anonymous said...

Well, David, I must admit, this is my first visit to the site.. where did I start?? This one.. :) I am happy to report I LOVED the story.. how down to earth (no punn intended) and human..

With much love and prayers, all the way over here,

The Bartz Bunch