Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teaching Trip to Mongolia

As a church, we have the opportunity to teach the church leaders of Mongolia. Mongolia has recently been opened to the gospel and has a great number of new Christians but with very little theological training. Pastor David will take two weeks to train church leaders so they can go back to their churches and instruct their people.

September 24-28, Pastor David will be teaching a course in Hermeneutics (Interpretation of Scripture) and October 1-5 he will be teaching Genesis. This will be for about 8 hours a day. There will also be opportunity to preach in the churches of Mongolia.

Place of Residence
Pastor David will be staying with a New Zealand couple who are missionaries in Mongolia

Flight Plans

September 20 Depart from Toronto 11.50 PM
September 22 Arrive at Seoul 2.50 AM
Depart Seoul 8.50 PM
Arrive Ulan Bator 10.35 PM

October 7 Depart Ulan Bator 12.20 AM
Arrive at Seoul 4.15 AM
Depart Seoul 9.05 PM
Arrive at Toronto 9.05 PM

· Pray for the spread of the gospel in Mongolia. Teaching theology is simply telling people more about the God they love and what He has done. Pray that the people of Mongolia would understand how great God’s love is as they learn His Word.
· Pray for those who will minister at GBC. Roger Fellows will preach September 23; Noel Musket and Haniel Davy will preach September 30th; and Paul Martin will preach October 7th
· Pray for Pastor David’s family as he is away
· Pray for Pastor David as he teaches and preaches. Pray that he may effectively communicate the Word of God with passion and clarity.
· Pray for one another that we may all have opportunities to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

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