Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Full Day in Mongolia

The trip from Seoul to Ulaan Baatar went very well. The flight took about 3 hours (a sprint compared to the first trip) and I landed comfortably around 10:30 at night. I am staying with a very nice New Zealand couple (Andrew and Liz – with three children) and Andrew was waiting to pick me up. After going through customs and picking up my luggage, I walked out and within 25 feet I was asked twice if I would be taking a taxi. Apparently they like foreigners.

I was in bed about 1:00 a.m. and slept until 7:30. This morning I went to a Mongolian church in the heart of the city – the political district. We arrived 20 minutes late and walked into very enthusiastic singing. They have a passion for celebrating the goodness of the Lord. After this, the pastor invited the S.S. children up and the congregation stretched forward their hands in prayer for the “next generation” of believers in Mongolia. There were a few testimonies of men who lived in the sewers who had been saved. One man’s kidneys were almost destroyed and the congregation prayed for healing.

A lady from Korea preached – the whole service was in Mongolian and Liz translated a bit for me. It is amazing to travel half way around the world and watch as people bring glory to God in their language.

Following the service, I walked back the two Kilo’s with Liz and we stopped at the Ghinggis Khaan Mausoleum - facing a big square (public place). We traveled through some markets to pick up lunch. Following lunch we went up one of the surrounding mountains and looked out over the city.

I just finished meeting with two ladies who are setting up the conference. There will be 24 pastors and the leaders will be coming from various parts of Mongolia. I will start to teach Genesis tomorrow morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. I did not know this but they have only had the entire Bible since 2000. Also, the OT translation is not the greatest and the Bible Society is seeking to complete it with a more accurate translation. They seem very enthusiastic to take the two courses and are looking forward to learning more from Scripture. There is and enthusiasm to learn the deeper truths of God’s Word.

Please pray as we begin the classes tomorrow – that God would be honoured and His Name would shine in all glory.

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