Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Night In Seoul

I am just glad I was able to remember how to get to this part of my blog as the computer I am using is all Korean. Needless to say, I am a little rusty with the language!

Anyway, I flew out of Toronto at around 12:15 a.m. Friday morning and arrived in Seoul at 2:09 a.m. - yes exactly 2:09 a.m. because on a 13 hour flight you seem to remember details. The flight was really uneventful. As we took off over Toronto, I could see the massive city - and then darkness. Around 4-5 in the morning I opened my window (I had to do this discreetly because they asked you to shut them - but I just needed to know we were still in the air!!) and I could see the red sky in the horizon. At one point I could see we were flying over the clouds - a beautiful sight! But for most of the 13 hours, we just followed the darkness around the world.

Two things preoccupied my mind. One was every few hours I would think - how is it possible for this huge machine to stay in the air for so long? Amazing - and thankful!. The second- I talked to my dad before I left and he told me to remember Psalm 121 - the Lord does not slumber or sleep. That was a great comfort as I left my family knowing God will watch over my wife and children and ... the plane. What a comfort to know God ... and find our rest in Him.

So after two movies, three meals, 2 hours sleep, approx 5 glasses of orange juice, 5-7 trips to teh bathroom (it is more for the exercise really), and dozens of nodding off moments we landed safely in South Korea. I went to a hotel room (you can get them for 12 hours) and slept for a few hours. It is now 1.24 in the afternoon and I have my ticket ready to fly to Mongolia at 7:30 tonight - at least that is when I board the plane (there is a 12 hour time difference between Mongolia and Ontario). After I am done here, I hope to take a short nap and then I will have to leave my room.

Thank you for your prayers - God has provided abundantly. The only tragedy that has struck is that I had to surrender my MASSIVE (according to them) tube of Crest toothpaste - apparently that offends them and I had to put it in the no allowed items in TO. Sacrifices!!!

Please pray for the Mongolian men. As I walk around the airport, I wonder how many know the Lord Jesus Christ? It is quite a striking feeling to be the minority and to not understand the language and signs posted around the airport. And so as I head to Mongolia, my heart becomes burdened once again for the people of God and the need for the gospel to be proclaimed and spread. My prayer for the mission to Mongolia is 1 Thessalonians 3.10: Night and day we pray most eaarnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith. But if I have learned anything in the years the Lord has been working in my life, I imagine the brothers and sisters will bring an ample supply and show me what is lacking in my life and walk with the Lord. God seems to humble us in the most amazing ways so we may experience an abundance of grace.

Now I have to guess if it is the orange or blue button below that will post this update ...


Gord and Ellen said...

Hi David,

We are glad you arrived safely. We look forward to your posts and to see how the Lord is using you during your time in Mongolia. We will be praying for you each day. Many blessings to you.
Gord and Ellen

Janice Van Eck said...

Awesome to read your note...
And we KNOW, God's reserves of grace, NEVER run out! May he supply all that is needed to you, and those you will teach, and make this time rich in kingdom fruit!! Janice

kerux said...

Thank you for posting, David. And for learning Korean so quickly.
The saints here at GFC are praying for you as well.

Dave and Janet said...

Thanks for your post Dave.
We pray that you will feel His pleasure as you have the opportunity to minister to the Mongolians.

Dave and Janet

Roger fellows said...

Great to hear from you David. Be asured of our continuing prayers.
Roger & Pamela

Rob and Rhonda said...

So glad to hear from you David! Good job finding your way around the korean keyboard!!! We keep you in our prayers.
The Kroekers