Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Getting The Gospel Right by Dr. Venema

Dr. Cornelis Venema, a professor from Mid America Reformed Seminary, has written an excellent little book entiltled: Getting the Gospel Right: Assessing the Reformation and New Perspectives on Paul. Before Dr. Venema assesses the New Perspective, he solidly lays the foundation of justification as understood by the Reformers. Of course one of the arguments for those who hold to the New Perspective is that the Reformers never really understood the problem Paul was dealing with in the New Testament. As a result, the view of justification handed down by the Reformers is misleading and distorted.

Following chapter 2 in which Dr. Venema lays out clearly and succinctly the Reformation Perspective on Paul, he writes a chapter briefly outlining the 'New Perspective' on Paul by Sanders, Dunn and Wright. The final chapter offers a critical assessment of the New Perspective.
If you have struggled with understanding this issue or know others who would like to understand further, this book is compact (92 pages), profound, simple, concise, readable and above all Biblical. For Dr. Venema, this book is a condensed version on a much longer book on the subject which will be printed later by Banner of Truth Trust.

Any attack on justification must be taken seriously and understood Biblically. Dr. Venema has put together an excellent book which deals with these matters for everyone to read.

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