Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Sad Phone Call

I came into my study this morning and collected my calls. I had one message from a lady who said:

Yeah I was just wondering if I could speak to Mr. Christ. Mr. Jesus Christ. But aahh, I guess he's not hear right now - I guess, I guess Mr. Christ doesn't love me enough to talk to me - cause I've been praying for like 10 years and he hasn't made my wishes come true at all. So God is a bad man.

Click. No name. No number.

As I reflect on this call, sadness is probably my first reaction: sad as the lies of Satan have not made her life a happy one; sad as Jesus freely offers life to all who come to him - eternal life; sad that her conclusion is God is a bad man when her very breath is a gift from the one she calls "bad".

However, the call does give insight into the hearts of people today - Jesus or God exists to make them happy. When Jesus does not listen and when life does not add up, then God is a "bad guy."

As you are reading this blog, pray for "Jane Doe". Pray that she would be struck with the gospel, the love of God and the power of the cross. Pray that those around you would know Christ and His promises of life.

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Anonymous said...

I usually lurk here, but the sad phonecall post took my breath away. How SAD. Will pray for "jane doe".

Thanks for your reminder for us to truly battle sin and not be overcome by our own unworthiness - an attack in itself. Liked the bit - God is both love & holy. A very good thought for today.

Thanks for blogging for people like me!
Michelle M.