Wednesday, April 04, 2007

God Cannot Win

An issue people have with God is that He does not prevent death. How could God be good and let all of these things happen - a friend died in a car accident, a mom is dying of cancer, thousands are being slaughtered by civil war, earthquakes and the list continues. And God just stands by and let's it all happen.

Here is the quandary and how God cannot win. Another issue people have with God is His sovereignty. People refuse to believe God is sovereign over all areas of life - they cry out "human freedom". Free will demands that there are pockets where God is not allowed to touch - God cannot touch salvation or day to day activity. After all, it makes us robots, right?

So on one hand people complain that God is not involved and on the other hand they complain when He is involved. God cannot win in the sinful human heart because the bottom line issue is that man wants to rule. Man sits on the throne demanding God to stop all evil or sin but have nothing to do with their lives - they are free, after all.

Sin is confusing. The sinful heart demands action from God one moment and the next demands freedom. And so in their confusion, sinful man rebels against God in his sad and pitiful manner.

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