Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Nice Day for a Walk

Today is the day I wait for my flight at 12:20 a.m. I woke up this morning and after I marked the tests with my cup of "wanna-be-bucks" (my term for powdered coffee), I went for a walk downtown. There is a large square downtown with the statues of Mr. Khan and his offspring.

As I walked through the square, there was a wedding with bride and bridegroom with some dressed in traditional clothing.

At 1:00 I met with a family and had a tremendous time of fellowship. We met (get ready for this Nick) at the Khan Irish Restaurant and it was quite a revelation when I told them that Genghis Khan was actually Irish - history changing, really.

Following the terrific lunch, I walked around the black market - a huge market where they sell everything.

Along the way, I found my dream van ...

... and the store that - well, what else could you include?

And now I am going to shut down my computer, pack it up, vacuum the apartment and wait for my ride to come and pick me up. It has been a gift from God to be in Mongolia but I am very thankful to return to my family and Grace Bible Church.

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