Friday, October 03, 2008

All Done - but the flight

Well, another teaching session in Mongolia finished with the study of Romans 15-16 and the final test. We ended early today at the request of some of the pastors who come in from the countryside. So after the test, we had pictures, lunch, a final prayer and I hopped in a taxi and went back to my apartment. It was a privilege to study God's Word and in particular the book of Romans with these church leaders. Together we worked through the book chapter by chapter, seeking to apply it to our own lives and learn how to take the Word and preach Christ.

One lady who took the class embroidered a nice little picture of "gers" (Mongolian houses/tents) with the words PRAY FOR MONGOLIA. I am looking forward to taking this back home and showing the people at Grace, a simple yet profound reminder to pray for the growing church half way across the world. I am also thankful for Grace Bible Church as they supported my trip. Again, I wish I could take all of them to Mongolia with me so they could see the impact of their giving and allowing me to be apart from them for these three Sundays.

This afternoon I went to the Mongolian market and wandered around. The market is absolutely huge, enormous - even gigantic. You have a huge section for shoes, for jeans, for rugs, for food and for many more items. It was relaxing after a busy two weeks. Tomorrow I plan to meet with one of the pastors tomorrow around 1:00 and then look forward to packing my stuff and heading to the airport around 9:00 for a 12:20 a.m. flight.

Thank you for your prayers - God has been gracious, providing abundantly more than we could ask.


Yasin & Melissa Adem said...

It has been a privilege to read your blog reports these last few days and to see how big God is! Thanks for sharing with us - it's such an encouragement and we look forward to seeing you back!

Anonymous said...


The Lord has indeed been gracious to you. We look forward to your safe return and to hearing more of your trip and how the Lord has worked in our dear Christian brothers in Mongolia.
We are looking forward to seeing the picture. A simple and yet profound reminder of Mongolia and the need to pray for them. What a blessing.
Praying for your safe return and looking forward to you continuing your ministry here at Grace. May God prosper your labours long after you leave Mongolia.
Gord & Ellen