Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sexual Addictions

Sunday morning we looked at Ephesians 5 when Paul spoke: But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as it proper among the saints.

It is striking how often the Bible warns God's people about sexual sins. Not only that but we read that when there are specific sins recorded, sins of a sexual nature often appear at the top of the list. What do we make of this? Well, we may say for certain that sexual temptations are serious in nature and also that God's people struggle. This means that the church should be talking about it - but we don't. We pretend no one looks at "those" pictures or visits "those" websites and I believe the result is people suffer and struggle in silence. Or, we don't know how to respond other than wagging the religious finger at that shameful sinner.

Jesus met up with a "sinful" woman in Luke 7. She struggled with immorality and made her living by it. And what did Jesus do?

First, she felt welcome. In order to feel welcome, she must trust Jesus. He is a welcoming trustworthy person.

Second, the first words spoken directly to her were: Your sins are forgiven. If someone comes to you confessing sexual addictions, Jesus teaches us that we are to point them to the cross. There is forgiveness for sexual sins and hope for future victory at the cross.

Third, (and note the people begin to question his worthiness to forgive sins - and Jesus does not even answer - he is focused on ministering to the sinful woman) he gives hope for the future: Your faith has saved you - go in peace. Jesus says - from this point on, your life is a changed life. And that is what Paul will go on to say in Ephesians - your life is a changed life and there is hope for obedience.

If someone comes to you and confesses that they have a sexual addiction, Jesus teaches us - welcome them, point them to the cross and then walk with them in this new life.

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kerux said...

Great stuff, DR.

Can you expand on this more: "walk with them in this new life."