Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mongolia 2007 Pictures

These past few days I have tried unsuccessfuly to put a video montage on my blog so I will begin to post some pictures and continue to work on the video.

Here is a picture of the church I attended the first Sunday morning I was in Mongolia. The little "barrel" with the cross you see at the front of the stage is their "offering plate". While they sing, the people will walk up to the front and give their gifts.

Chinggis Khan - a good view of the city!

A picture outside my apartment window

Another picture looking out of my window off the balcony. These apartment buildings are middle class dwellings in the city. Sometimes whole families or various families woulc occupy one apartment, each taking a room.

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Sonya & Josh said...

try this link, its a template to embed a slideshow into your blog.