Monday, October 08, 2007

Back Home

Well, last night at 8:55 the plane landed in Toronto and after passing through customs and waiting for my luggage I once again saw my family at around 10:20 p.m. The plane trip back to Toronto was packed, much more so than on the way down. I sat beside a young teenage girl and her mother , both of whom slept for most of the trip. While I was happy for them I wished I could figure out that sleeping thing on a plane - I probably maxed an hour, maybe.

So today has been pretty much wake up, have a breakfast, go for a walk and then sleep - and sleep. Our ETB (Estimated Time for Bed) is going to be extremely early tonight. I can't wait.

It has been great to see the family and I learned while I was away there was a tremendous amount of work done around the house. Our hallway and living room were painted, trim completed in the bathroom, wood split and stacked and the roof shingled! Imagine that, all done without my expertise and gifted hands that make work projects look easy. Thank you to all who helped my family finish everything - you were all busy!!

Thank you again for all your prayers. I hope to give a report with pictures this coming Sunday evening at our church and also post some of my pictures on my blog after my report. God has been extremely gracious in all aspects and we give Him all praise and glory for His kind gifts.

Well, I think it is a quick supper and then something that never happens in airports: our ETB has been moved up a few hours!


Carla Rolfe said...

Welcome home Pastor Dave. :-) It's been a real blessing to read your posts while you were away.

kerux said...

Great to have you back, brother!

Sonya & Josh said...

Welcome back! Be thankful you didn't fly into Kitchener, overbookings and flight delays.. yesterday was fun! LOL

Todd said...

Sounds like the trip was awesome. Heather, Hannah, and I are thinking of you guys often these days. I hope you get some rest!


Odious Herodias said...

Thanks for the updates David, very encouraging to hear of the success of God's word and the use he's making of you in His kingdom.