Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God Does Care

By the time we reach day 6 of creation, everything was made ready for God to put living creatures on the earth he has just created. Day one we saw that he earth was formless, void, deep waters and so God created the light and separated it from the darkness. Days two and three he then separated the waters and created the atmosphere, and then he separated the water on the earth. Day four God created vegetation, followed by the creation of the sun, moon, galaxies.

In all of this, we see that the earth was the focus of God’s creation. For example, Genesis 1.1 tells us God created the heavens and the earth and then in Genesis 1.2, God speaks about what is happening on the earth. Day six tells us of the creation of animals and then Adam - the pinnacle of creation.

The importance of this is not the exaltation of humans – God is exalted. But it does speak about God's unique relationship with man and one of the main messages from Genesis 1 is God's care and provision for his creatures.

This is what makes evolution so revolting. Not only do they deny God but they deny God's care. The very one who gives them food and clothing (and many other blessings) is the very one they deny. They do not live a life of thankfulness, bowing down in worship to the God who cares for them.

The great crime of evolution is not only the denial of God as Creator but is also the unthankful nature of humans to the One who supplies the very air they breath. God has given us so many blessings, all graciously given for our enjoyment, and we are raising a generation to deny God - but even more so - God's intimate care.

No wonder Satan works overtime with evolution. He ultimately sends out the message that there is no God who cares - what a lie! God in His goodness supplied all that men and women would need – he did not leave anything in creation that would leave man wanting and he created it for their enjoyment.

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