Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where To Begin Asking for Help?

Psalm 121:1-2: I lift my eyes to the hills - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Going through difficult times almost always causes us to look for answers - why is this taking place? And we think that once we have the answer, we will gain perspective and be able to live through our trial or difficulty.

Psalm 121 teaches us that before we look for answers, we need to ask a question. In other words, when you are suffering, begin with asking a question, not looking for an answer.

So what question should we ask? The psalmist is so simple and profound: where does my help come from? There it is - the question. How does that help?

First, when you ask that question, your eyes are lifted from your issues and troubles, which can be overwhelming. The psalmist lifted his eyes up to the hills - something bigger than his problems. God - the Maker of heaven and earth - is able to help. This puts our issues in proper perspective.

Second, the answer was found in an unexpected place: where instead of why. When we are grieving, we often begin with why - we want to know God's ways. The psalmist begins with where - he wants to know the person of God. That is a big difference. If you are to read through the Psalm, you will find his comfort in the person and promises of God: he who watches over you will not slumber or sleep, he will be your shade at your right hand, he will keep you from all harm.

We need to train our hearts and minds to ask the right questions when we are in need of help and we do so by asking where instead of why. And our hearts will find the Maker of heaven and earth, a person whose promises and strength we may find our rest.

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